Yangzhou shandagen Model Technology Co., Ltd

years of experience in model manufacturing

The power comes from the sincere help of customers

The company was founded in 2015, and with the support of customers and the efforts of workers, we have gradually embarked on the right track. We have gone through many hardships from scratch, but fortunately, we have come to Dongguan
Fine workmanship and excellent quality

From product design to mold manufacturing, injection painting and printing assembly, we are guided throughout the entire process by experienced craftsmen with years of experience in the train model industry to ensure the reliability and high quality of our products
Careful testingE

We ensure that each locomotive undergoes three tests to ensure normal operation before packaging and shipping, in order to ensure the qualified rate of the product
productive process

At every stage of production, we require strengthened self inspection and mutual inspection, coupled with quality control inspections, to ensure that every aspect of the manual process is explained and inspected, in order to achieve stable product quality
Professional design,
reliable structureE

A professional train model design master who has been engaged in train model design for over 30 years and is proficient in various structures. If you hand over the products to us, you can rest assured
Wave always been paying atte hention to one thing
Understand industry dynamics and learn emerging technologies
We welcome masters in the industry to exchange technology, constantly learn new processes and experiences, apply them to production, and better serve the products
Work diligently and treat people with sincerity
Welcome all guests to visit and guide us
Design and manufacturing of train models
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